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Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Pigs Love Pork - *She* Suite

New Album out NOW!!

Pigs Love Pork - *She* Suite

Available as online album, feel free to give it a listen (full album):


PLP (Pigs Love Pork) is a musical project formed by slovenian composer and singer-songwriter Tomaž Hostnik, jazz pianist Gregor Ftičar and drummer Gregor Hrovat. Album "SHE" is their first progressive album, exploring unknown landscapes of a musical multiverse.
Lyrics, music: Tomaž Hostnik
Arrangement: Tomaž Hostnik & PLP (Pigs Love Pork)
Keyboards, vocals: Tomaž Hostnik
Keyboards: Gregor Ftičar
Drums, percussion: Gregor Hrovat
Producer: Dejan Lapanja
English translation of the lyrics: Aljaž Dagarin
1. "She"
2. "Yet Another Morning"
3. "Premonition"
4. "Sacrifice"
5. "The End"
6. "Into Paradise"

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